Olivier Cloarec

Combining empirical and mechanistic statistical modeling for systems data analytics in biopharma

Dr. Olivier Cloarec is a Principal Research Scientist at Sartorius Corporate Research Advanced Data Analytics, leading the Data Science Core team. His main research interests are in Systems Data Analytics, combining projections methods, mechanistic modeling, and probabilistic programming to provide the foundation for novel Biopharma data analytics.

Previously he founded Korrigan Sciences Limited, consulting in chemometrics for six years after an academic career at Imperial College and Royal Holloway (UK) and as Head of Bioinformatics at Technology Servier. His initial training was in Analytical Chemistry, and he defended his PhD in 2002. He has contributed to developing new methodologies for analyzing spectroscopic data and other profiling analytical techniques in biological systems. He also focused on improving the reliability of PLS methods concerning overfitting by modification of NIPALS and sparsity.