Rocio Mercado

Deep generative models for biomolecular engineering
(University of Chalmers)

Rocío is a WASP AI/MLX assistant professor in the Data Science and AI division at Chalmers. Previously, she was a postdoctoral associate in the Coley group at MIT, as well as an industrial postdoc in the Molecular AI team at AstraZeneca. Throughout her independent career, she’s worked on the development of deep generative models for small molecule drug discovery, and she is passionate about the development of AI-based methods for engineering novel therapeutics. Before AstraZeneca, she was a PhD student in Professor Berend Smit’s molecular simulation group at UC Berkeley and EPFL. Her group’s research is highly interdisciplinary and aims to bridge methods from artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, and computational chemistry to tackle problems at the forefront of molecular engineering.